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…A Tabletop Dancer

LBP was happily dancing, in her own little world on the kitchen counter top. She reminded me of the J. Geil’s song, ‘Angel in Blue’…”a tabletop dancer, she would smile on cue, a wildcat angel, angel in blue…’ Advertisements

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Stealing the noodle soup

When her brother wasn’t looking LBP shot in there to get at his noodles. It was a disaster when he caught her.

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You could be Swinging on a Star (or a door)

A new favorite thing- holding the door knob and swinging back and forth!

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Oh! I need lip balm!

LBP likes to crawl up to the cupboards to get at my lipstick. ‘Oh! How do I look!’

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Venus in the half shell

Well, maybe more like Ariel in the Little Mermaid. LBP found a nice, cozy giant clam shell at the zoo to take a rest in.

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The Strange Pagoda

There is a Chinese restaurant on the canal that to LBP looks like the creepy noodle house in the film ‘Spirited Away’ She asks me all the time, ‘Is the wiggly worm lady in there?’

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Booby Eggs!

LBP was out yesterday when she passed by a poster for the artist Sarah Lucas. She pointed to it and said, ‘Eeeeewwwww! Booby eggs!’

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