Oh! I need lip balm!

LBP likes to crawl up to the cupboards to get at my lipstick. ‘Oh! How do I look!’


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5 Responses to Oh! I need lip balm!

  1. g-ma says:

    At least LBP does it openly….. I did the same with my mother’s lipstick, but in secret, and once when i heard her coming I quickly put on top and squished the lipstick… and got into real trouble…… Nothing changes. Now I ‘paint’ with cosmetics.

  2. Deirdre says:

    She’s learning real young to be a pretty lady! I love the striped jacket and wild hair. A bit like Malcolm McClaren!!!

  3. g-ma says:

    Deirdre, it would be hard not to be a pretty lady with O’Connor genes.

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