Pink Hair

My sister and I took LBP out to lunch. She wolfed down her sausages and mash but was unwilling to try the spinach-she looked up at the waitress who told her, ‘If you eat this green stuff, you’ll get pink hair!’ Confusion, worry, interest…but she never touched the spinach.



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4 Responses to Pink Hair

  1. Hello Grace,
    Gladys introduced me to Little Peggy Betty. I’m charmed by her and have passed on the blog to my friend Beryl back in UK who has several small grandchildren. Will you create a LPB book, please?
    Patricia, San Francisco

  2. g-ma says:

    Did Zandra Rhodes eat her spinach?

  3. Ha! That’s a great one!

  4. Deirdre says:

    You captured her looked exactly! Well done!!

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