The Liberty Doll House

We went to Liberty to see the Christmas room and LBP saw this beautiful doll house. She pulled over one of their knitted mushrooms,kicked off her shoes and climbed onto the table. She was happily playing, looking like an elf, when a woman stopped to watch her and asked, ‘Has she been hired by Liberty- she’s doing a good job of selling me on the doll house!’


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2 Responses to The Liberty Doll House

  1. g-ma says:

    The sooner LBP can get a meaningful job, with top salary on Regent’s Street, the better. She can promote (nay explain) why the Easter Bunny lays eggs; and throw in a few American holidays such as Memorial Day when nobody remembers much, and Labour Day when everyone relaxes.

  2. EMB says:

    Dear Grace,
    Gladys introduced me to LBP a couple of months ago. I love it! What a personality little E has – it’s so fun to learn about her world through your amazing illustrations! Sincerely, Edith

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