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The Train is Coming!

LBP likes me to hold herĀ up to see the trains coming at the local playground…she’ll be playing and will then call out, ‘Train’s Coming…quick! Pick me up!’ Advertisements

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Back to the Egg

While the brothers played table tennis, LBP and I amused ourselves for two hours with sticker books and hiding the last remaining small golden Easter egg in an old dirty’s amazing how much fun a rotting log can be.

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Snoopy Girl

LBP piled all the pillows and blankets on to the little table and stretched out. She looked just like Snoopy resting on his doghouse.

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Spoon Fight!

We have one teeny tiny spoon which is the favorite of LBP’s brother but lately every time he rummages for it in the cutlery drawer she calls out, ‘But I want the tiny spoon!’ and he stands his ground!

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St. George slayed the ..venus fly trap

Yesterday was St. George’s Day and LBP’s school asked the children to dress as a knight or a dragon. The closest we had was the venus fly trap head from Little Shop of Horrors.Paired with a green outfit and fur … Continue reading

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Big Questions…

LBP was drawing, ‘Well, I think you’re clever too mama..’ and then later, ‘When will you be old?Will it be tomorrow that you’re an old lady?’

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Help at hand!

We were at the pool and LBP was very concerned about Nina, the elderly woman who had been discussing her broken hip. When the woman dropped her key, LBP flew out of the pool to pick it up for her.

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