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LBP’s mama is super sorry to everyone who has been commenting and I will name each of you wonderful people in my next post tomorrow morning! Thanks to G-ma, I only just realised that I have to find and approve … Continue reading

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The Giant Turtle

We came upon this giant turtle statue in Holland Park. A freezing day, she insisted on taking off  the coat and the hat on this cold, muddy day as she climbed around the giant turtle.

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Twirling at Christmas mass

              Towards the end of Christmas mass, LBP could not contain her delight with her new enormous holiday dress and couldn’t stop twirling around!   T

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Do you like my dress?

LBP fashioned her new dress out of her cloth story book. She pranced around asking, ‘Do you like my new dress!’

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Merry Christmas..may I have some paper?

LBP sat in the little hatch between the kitchen and dining room.  I looked up to see these little feet peeking through, hands full of pencils, asking, …’May I have some paper?’

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The Stretchy Snowman

LBP very tenderly put the little rubber stretchy snowman, who is regularly stretched and brutalised by her brothers, in the window nook and said, ‘Time to go to sleep little darling’

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Sitting on the sidewalk

This looked so funny-LBP’s coat is getting too small and so are her favorite stripey tights. After a morning out, she flopped down and sat on the pavement. Maybe it’s time to put these in the goodbye bag…  

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